General Staffing

For all businesses the most important challenge is to be able to consistently deliver successful projects. This challenge is a never ending one.  As the amount of projects begin to add up, the need arises to develop meaningful and effective Program and Project Management.  There is also added pressure to make sure that as the project develops, the overall strategic goals stay aligned so that the necessary leadership is provided to achieve the desired outcomes.

Program Management at Xtream IT is guided by the delivery model that makes the most sense for the business objectives of the enterprise  establishing that particular program.  Whether the delivery model is onsite staffing augmentation engagements, hybrid teams, offsite project based teams, or offshore professional services teams, Xtream IT focuses on the business objectives of the program.

 Program Management service offered by Xtream IT provides a range of different options that will enable clients to both develop and improve their Project Management Office capabilities. Services offered include the provision of project management specialists that come with deep experience in a number of specific industries and across a range of technologies. Our experts develop customized PMO’s to suit specific business models or help existing PMO’s evolve into a more mature offering. Xtream IT’s experience and depth in providing project management and PMO solutions to industry in real time means it is able to improve and add to its service offering on a continual basis with an emphasis that focuses in on the client’s value proposition.