Supported ERPs

It is critical to treat information or data as a shareable asset across the entire enterprise so that it can be used to drive informed strategic decisions through interoperability and improved information access. The building blocks of Enterprise Information Management include meta data discovery and management, data governance, data quality improvement, enterprise data architecture, business intelligence and data warehousing.

EIM services offered by Xtream IT seeks to balance the continuous need for managing information as the true asset that it is, with the requirement for decision making support and reporting that is crucial to ensuring that data related services are adaptable to a changing business environment and are reliable, relevant, timely and secure. Xtream IT is acutely aware that for clients to achieve the benefits from their EIM strategies they must also consider the wider EIM strategy for the organization.

Xtream IT’s Enterprise Information Management Services seeks to deconstruct the complexity of client data and information challenges and convert it into a set of straight forward technology and processes options. Our services provide a blue print of well defined data focused projects designed to derive more value from existing information assets. The constituent parts of Xtream IT’s EIM services include data architecture and modeling, data quality improvement and management, master data management and data governance.