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Very few companies have produced a collaboration strategy or governance structure that is consistent. Few organizations have a set of enterprise grade tools that enables true productive business collaboration. The prolific rise of social media in the consumer space has all corporations rethinking how they collaborate internally as they hope to achieve the kind of collaborative power that is commonly seen outside the walls of the enterprise.

Xtream IT understands that in today’s world, user-driven, integrated and regulated business collaboration is not simply a differentiator but is an essential component of an effective corporation. Xtream IT utilizes its years of experience working with companies to both complete implementations and develop strategies to deliver business collaborative solutions. Our agnostic approach to Social Media, Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Portals allows us to tackle business collaboration from a variety of angles and ensure our clients receive a complete solution.

Our approach begins and ends with Information Management. We leverage our Information Management capabilities at the enterprise level by evaluating structured and unstructured content as well as both end-user generated and centralized content. We assimilate both usage and consumption models to design the optimal information model. We architect complete solutions that make use of best practices from across the collaborative disciplines and provide concrete accountability and governance to achieve our client’s goals.

Xtream IT’s preferred technique for building business collaboration solutions is using our workshop methodology. This technique seeks to educate the clients on the capabilities of the technology platform, consolidating focused business requirements, architecture & design of the solution, and then designing a blueprint to develop the entire solution in a responsive manner.