Healthcare Infrastructure

Mobile apps are not confined simply to the consumer space.  In fact, the advances of mobility in the consumer space are driving necessary changes in Enterprise. This is causing disruption across the enterprise.  From challenges in security, to device management, to enterprise collaboration, to HR performance, rapid changes have become mandatory.  Far too often, the millennial generation is criticized for expecting too much too soon, and not being as motivated and productive as the generations before them.  Well, at Xtream, we understand that a large part of that is due to the changes in how they are motivated.  The new workforce is ALWAYS ON. They expect that their employers are going to enhance their ability to be that much faster and more collaborative.  If their consumer technology is smart, they expect their enterprise technology to be smarter, and at Xtream, we agree.  So we’re doing something about it. Advances in the capabilities of mobile devices and intuitive user interfaces are driving the interest of businesses in both the mobile web and mobile apps. Continuing from the theme of our philosophy around graphic design, we are on a mission to ensure that all issues of enterprise mobility, stay true to the next generation of design.  New business systems needs to be device agnostic. Systems need to be App Behavior Centric.  They need to be designed and delivered around content and usability.

All this is necessary to ensure that the enterprise is able to leverage their mobility assets to enhance their ability to deliver the #1 most critical element of all business: Relationships: Clients are seeking to improve their relationships in two key areas:

  • Business to Consumer: The idea is to both increase awareness and derive additional revenue whilst offering a higher standard of customer service.
  • Business to Employee: The goal is to make employees more productive by offering them anytime access to their business line applications and receive mission critical business information.

Mobile Applications developed by Xtream IT are based on a distinct set of software accelerators that our expert mobile developers integrate to guide our clients in the right direction. We offer mobile solutions across a variety of verticals and domains including health care, social networking and mystery shopping. We develop mobile apps for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS platforms and make use of architecture that is compatible with, and reusable in, the future. Our mobile apps come with beautiful and clean user interfaces and are optimized to meet timing and storage constraints. All our apps are responsive in design which means they are compatible with various devices across multiple resolutions.

Corporations are already adopting mobile technology. The hurdles faced when developing applications and integrating systems are real. The approach Xtream IT takes towards mobile development consists of five key phases.

  1. We begin with educating clients on what is happening in the mobile landscape, which can include everything from updates on smartphone market share to how rivals are leveraging the mobile space.
  2. Strategizing a mobile use case that addresses a specific business challenge such as cutting costs or growing revenue.
  3. Developing an enterprise mobility road map.
  4. Developing a flexible mobile strategy that has the capability of responding to future requirements.
  5. The final phase is building a usable, reliable, scalable and robust mobile solution.